2017 Toyota Fortuner Review, Changes, Interior

Released last year, the all new Fortuner managed to become a better seller than Toyota ever hoped thanks to its refinement, great exterior and interior designs and efficient yet powerful engines. However, the car is not perfect and despite the fact it still is a great seller, it seems that a new model is going to be released with the 2017 Toyota Fortuner which is going to address a few issues and likely give it a more powerful version as well. Like before, the updated model is still going to be the same basic car, so the body on frame construction which not only allows it to tow a lot more than some of its competitors but it also means that it is a great off-road vehicle without having to compromise on too many things.

Fortuner In Water

Price and Changes

The update is also expected to bring some changes under the skin of the Fortuner. Main changes are expected on its suspension system which has been criticized by some as being too soft and unresponsive. In order to solve that the car is expected to get slightly better shocks but still the same springs which will not make it any stiffer but it should become more compliant, both on and off the road. The price will remain the same as before (34,800$ for the basic model) in most markets around the World but some expect a new high end model to be introduced in some parts of the World such as Australia where the Fortuner will have to compete with an updated Trailblazer.

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Front 2

2017 Toyota Fortuner Drive-train

The changes under the skin of the 2017 Toyota Fortuner will not stop to its running gear because what is usually under the hood is expected to be updated as well. Depending on the market, the Fortuner comes with a lot of engines. They range from a 2.7 liter in-line 4 petrol engine to a larger 4 liter V6 and ending up with three diesels, all means for completely different purposes. The new model is expected to keep these engines unchanged but in Australia for example where the only available option is a 2.8 liter turbocharged diesel, some expect Toyota to introduce a new 3.5 liter naturally aspirated V6. This engine is very similar to what the Tacoma has on the US market. This should be quite fuel efficient for its size and it should be able to run on LPG meaning that it might become a great seller for fleets.

2017 Toyota Fortuner Engine

The top of the range 2.8 liter diesel, which is usually available in most markets, as well as the rather old 3 liter turbocharged diesel, are likely to be replaced by a slightly more modern 2.8 liter unit with a revised turbocharger, a better cooling system and also more flexibility. This particular engine could be offered with outputs ranging from 160 to 200 horsepower and anything between 300 and 350 lb-ft of torque.

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Exterior and Interior Design of 2017 Toyota Fortuner

One of the most important aspects of a crossover in this category is the way it looks. In that segment we have to say that the Fortuner looks great and there are very few things that the 2017 Toyota Fortuner could improve. We do expect a slightly revised front end which may get some inspiration from their more premium cars.

Exterior 8

At the same time the cabin of the future model is also likely to go through a small update in order to become a better place to be. This will be achieved by adding to the range more equipment and also a better base package. Better base package should include all the usual safety features, an improved infotainment system as well as a more efficient climate control unit. Besides this, the rear-most seats might be revised in order to allow them to be folded or removed with more ease than before.

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Interior 3

Here is video review of 2016 Fortuner Toyota:


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