What are the Leading Causes of Car Accidents in Georgia?

All drivers need to familiarize themselves with the leading causes of vehicle collisions in Georgia to avoid many dangerous behaviors that cause those collisions. However, despite driving safely on the road, other careless drivers can endanger you and your passengers. If you or a loved one has been injured in a motor vehicle collision, you may feel devastated and overwhelmed by pain and suffering, expensive medical bills, emotional distress, and lost wages. The good news is you are allowed to recover compensation for all your losses. You can hire a car accident lawyer at Scholle Law in Georgia to help you with the complicated claims process. 



Car accident on the street.

Drivers who speed do not have enough time to react to external factors or actions of other motorists and road users. This hinders them from avoiding collisions. Drivers are speeding when they exceed the posted limit, or when they are driving too quickly for the current road or weather conditions. If someone is going over the speed limit, it can also affect their reaction time or how quickly they can get their vehicle to stop. Victims of crashes usually suffer more serious injuries because of the stronger collision impact at exceedingly high speeds. 

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Drunk driving

Even though driving while drunk is illegal, many motorists still drink and drive. Drugs and alcohol negatively affect the driver’s mental awareness, physical capabilities, reaction time, and focus. Drivers might not be aware of their surroundings and continue to drive frantically, putting everyone on the road in danger. In addition, the euphoric effects of drugs and alcohol make the driver have bad judgment and make very erratic traffic maneuvers. These types of accidents tend to end with horrific results.


Falling asleep while driving is extremely dangerous and could result in a catastrophic collision. In addition, drowsy driving diminishes a driver’s capabilities and makes it harder for them to focus. This means the motorist will be less likely to focus on the road, the reaction time will diminish, and they make bad judgments. Fatigued drivers are driving just as badly as those who drive while under the influence. According to the NHTSA, fatigue is a factor in about 72000 collisions and 44000 deaths every year.

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Source: marketwatch.com

Driving skills improve with practice and exposure to unexpected road conditions. Therefore, motorists who have not had enough time to develop safe driving habits may not be able to identify conditions that could potentially lead to vehicle crashes. In addition, teens and other young motorists are inexperienced and need adequate time to perfect their driving skills. They may not understand what a specific road sign means or what the rules of the road are. These can cause serious issues if they aren’t paying attention to the drivers who know what they’re doing.

Dangerous driving

Drivers need to obey the rules of the road and make fast and high-pressure decisions to react to the ever-changing road conditions. Speeding, tailgating, and other reckless driving habits increase the risk of crashes and catastrophic injuries. For example, a vehicle that is traveling above the speed limit may take a long time to come to a stop and may overturn on sharp turns or lose control. Aggressive driving may also annoy other drivers, and lead to road rage. These antics can cause severe damage and it’s advised to get out of their way to avoid a crash.

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Vehicle collisions can occur due to one or multiple causes and sometimes it is out of our control. It’s important to hire an attorney who can investigate and identify the cause of the collision and take the necessary measures to ensure you hold the liable party accountable for your losses. In addition, the legal expert can fight to ensure you get enough monetary compensation. They will make sure that you are covered every step of the way. It’s best to reach out to a strong legal team that will fight for you.

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