11 Major Causes Of Bicycle Accidents And Their Prevention

We are becoming more and more self-conscious about the environment around us. As a result, we want to see less pollution and eco-friendly solutions to reduce global warming. One such activity that the people have taken up is cycling. Cycling is good at relieving stress, physical exercise, and due to the low maintenance, it is affordable by many.

Despite building separate lanes for cyclists, several cycling-related accidents still occur daily. Ladah law firm can handle the details of bicycle accident cases, so if you are someone looking for the right attorney, these are the people to contact. To understand why cycle accidents are common, you must look at the following significant causes.

1. Vehicle Turning

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Vehicle turning is by far the most significant reason for bicycle accidents. The car driver will speed up and overtake the rider and immediately slow down and turn. Due to a shortage of time, many riders fail to understand the situation and collide with the vehicle. You can suffer severe injuries if you are riding the bike at high speed at that moment. The driver in this scenario is to blame; however, you can prevent it from happening. If you come across any reckless driver, reduce your speed and let them overtake you. It’s better to stop riding for a while if it means preventing an accident.

2. Open Doors

Another major cause of a bicycle accident is a driver opening the door of his vehicle and a cyclist crashing into it. This can cause severe injuries to not only the driver but also the cyclist. Unfortunately, there is little to no time for the cyclist to react in this situation, and the only options are to change lanes and risk crashing into speeding cars or to have a head-on collision with open doors. To avoid such a scenario, you must reduce the speed of your cycle as soon as a car pulls up in front of you. Then, stop your bike for a few moments, and after reassuring you that there is no danger of an accident, start with the ride again.

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3. Bad Roads

Since bicycles are lightweight, balancing them on rough roads becomes tricky. The problem is further compounded if the road has potholes and other bumps. Riding at high speed on such roads is an invitation to a severe accident. If you come across such roads, ride your bike slowly and carefully; this way, even if you fall, there will not be any significant injuries.

4. Helmets

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You should always follow the road safety protocols for your safety and other people on the road. Most cycling injuries are not severe if you are riding with proper gear. Helmets are an essential part of riding your bike since you will be falling headfirst most of the time. Wearing a helmet prevents any severe injury to the head. So, be sure to wear a helmet the next time you go out cycling.

5. Reckless Cycling

Reckless cycling is another major cause of bicycle accidents. Many people use cycles to go to work and do other chores. Therefore, some cyclists will ride their bikes roughly and at high speed to manage time. Unfortunately, this puts both the bikers and other pedestrians at risk of serious injuries. Cycling is a fun activity and should be taken as such. However, reckless cycling also puts you and other vehicles on the road in danger. So, ride slowly and do your best to be a responsible citizen.

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6. Changing Lanes

How many times has a driver or a cyclist caused an accident when changing lanes? Unfortunately, the answer is a lot of times. In the case of drivers, when they change lanes without the indicator, it gives no time for the cyclist to react. As a result, accidents occurring under this situation are severe and can also be fatal. Similarly, if the cyclist changes lanes without checking behind them, it will cause a similar accident. The best way to avoid such a scenario is to have a better road sense. Keep in your lane, and don’t switch until necessary.

7. Lack of Attention

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All significant accidents while driving or riding mainly occur due to lack of attention on the road. Being attentive and aware of your surroundings on the road can make all the difference. Always pay attention to your front, back and sides and then decide accordingly.

8. Faulty Brakes:

When you take your bicycle out on the road, you will maneuver through heavy and fast-moving traffic at some point. This is why you need the brakes of your bicycle in working conditions. If you cannot apply brakes at the right time, you will bang into a vehicle. Therefore, before leaving your house, be sure to check the integrity of your bicycle’s brake.

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9. Cycling under the Influence:

If you are cycling under the influence, then you might enjoy the ride, but you will be a danger to yourself and other people on the road. Drugs and alcohol impair your judgment and slow down your reaction time to a situation. On the road, you have to make decisions in a split-second to ensure your and others’ safety, and riding under the influence doesn’t help the situation. Never go on the road under any influence if you want to enjoy a safe ride.

10. Losing Control

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Losing control of your bicycle is not common, but several factors might cause it. For example, if your tire bursts, the brakes are not working, or the chain comes off, all these factors contribute to losing control of your bike. So, be sure to check the tires, lubrication on the chain, and the brakes before you leave the house.

11. Racing

Racing might boost your adrenaline, but the chances of meeting accidents while racing are higher. So be a bit more responsible and avoid such activities on the road.

Cycling is a healthy activity only if the rider does it responsibly. Check your bike before going on the road, as it might save you and other people from suffering severe injuries.

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