2017 Lexus SC Review

Ever since Lexus showcased the LF-LC concept car back in 2012 many people were left wondering about a successor to the LFA but until a few months ago these were just rumors that not many believed. The production LC is quite an impressive car. With a stunning look, which easily dethrones the LFA. Considering that its performance and chassis might not be on the same level with the LFA, the 2017 Lexus SC still is a very good model which will easily dethrone some of its German and American competitors in terms of looks and interior quality as well as in handling.

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Price and Release date

However, for those who think that the coupe is just too common, Lexus is preparing a rather interesting car with the upcoming 2017 Lexus SC. This car was first showcased as a concept back in 2015 and it is not expected to be released to the public by the end of 2017. The SC, or the LC, are not going to be cheap. In fact, while many of their competitors are going for around $70,000 to $85,000 in the base trim levels, the SC is expected to cost well above $95,000. AT the same time the coupe version will likely cost closer to $85,000 which is still quite a bit for a car that is not all that fast.

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Interior and Exterior Features of 2017 Lexus SC

The LFA was built on a bespoke carbon fiber and aluminum chassis while the 2017 Lexus SC is going to be built on a new high strength steel and carbon fiber platform. This platform is going to be heavier than that of the LFA but also more structurally rigid. This would be quite an improvement and despite the fact it will be a convertible, the SC should be able to handle quite well despite all of its drawbacks and additional reinforcements usually needed for the chassis of a drop-top. Not exactly a surprise is going to be the looks of the car which will be nearly identical to the current LC coupe where the only differences between the two will be the new roof, which is expected to be a soft-top, and its rear end which will be raised slightly in order to meet all the usual safety regulations.

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2017 Lexus SC Convertible
The cabin of the two cars is going to be a bit more different. While the LC features a luxurious leather-trimmed interior with large LCD screens on the upper part of the dashboard, the convertible SC is expected to come with a similarly designed cabin but with slightly more durable materials, likely Alcantara, and only two seats instead of a 2+2 seating arrangement because the top is going to take some of the passengers’ space.

2017 Lexus SC Interior


While we still hope that the 2017 Lexus SC will come with more impressive engines than the LC, chances are it will get the same two powertrains that are available on its coupe sibling. This means that the base model will get a 5 liter naturally aspirated, high revving, V8 with 467 horsepower and 389 lb-ft of torque while as an option people will get the chance to order a hybrid powertrain using a naturally aspirated 3.5 liter V6 coupled to a set of electric motors. The output of this system will be 354 horsepower which is quite a bit less than the V8 and not really befitting a true premium sports car. The V8 will get a 10 speed automatic as standard while the V6 is going to receive a hybrid transmission which will be more efficient but not all that responsive. We only hope that in the near future Lexus will develop a new type of engine or at least they will borrow the Supra’s future 3 liter twin-turbocharged inline 6 which would be a better choice than both of these.

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This is the concept on which will new SC probably be based:

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