2019 Ford Ranger – It’s FInally Coming Back to the U.S.A

01/11/2017 UPDATE: It’s been six years since Ford discontinued Ranger for US market but things are about to change. 2019 Ford Ranger will signal the return of Ford’s mid-size pickup to the States. The company itself and the buyers will benefit from Ranger’s popularity and revival that happened in Australia and Europe. One of the main reason for reviving this truck Michigan-based company has in its competition. They currently have nothing in their lineup to counter the likes of Chevy Colorado, GMC Canyon, Honda Ridgeline and Toyota Tacoma. Unlike Honda’s truck, Ford Ranger 2019 will be genuine body-on-frame pickup. The vehicle will use slightly modified T6 platform which will also serve as the underpinning for new Bronco. As far as the drive goes new mid-size pickup from Ford will come as both FWD and AWD.

Design wise new Ranger will probably look much as its European sibling. But to Americanize it a little the vehicle will likely undergo a small facelift to bring it closer to the current gen of F-150. Story from Reddit that has traits of officialism claims that Ford’s new pickup will come as Crew Cab and Super Cab. The first one will be offered as family pickup while the later on will be sold as a work truck. There is a possibility of the off-road version which will go head to head with Colorado ZR2.

Source: roadandtrack.com

Engine bay is still in the mist, but some of the real prospects are a naturally-aspirated V-6 unit as well as EcoBoost four-cylinder mill. In diesel department European five-cylinder diesel could find its way to the USA shores. As far as transmission goes these engines will probably be mated to Ford’s all new ten-speed automatic. Expect for MPG to be better than it is on 2018 Ford F-150.

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Together with 2019 Ranger, Ford announced the return of its iconic 4×4 SUV Bronco. Good news for all fans of Detroit automaker is that both of these models will be built in Michigan Assembly. They are currently being developed in Victoria, Australia where Blue Oval has Engineering Center.

To be competitive starting price for new Ranger will have to be around $25,000. With additional equipment and improved features, it will probably go over $30,000 while the rumored off-road unit could stretch up to $40,000 mark.

The release of 2019 Ford Ranger will come sometime in 2018, and its presentation will probably take place at 2018 Detroit Auto Show. Stay tuned, while we gather more info about Ranger.

Even though the Ranger has been discontinued from the US market back in 2012, the truck continued around the World where it met great success. Ever since 2012, there have been rumors about it coming to the US but Ford dismissed them. Why? Well, Ford said the Ranger is too big to make sense in a market where the F-150 would be quite similar in size. However, GM proved them wrong with the Colorado which means that the Ford counterpart will actually come to the US as well. However, the truck will be launched with the 2019 Ford Ranger which will give GM plenty of time to get ahead.

Source: caraadvice.co.au - 2016 Ford Ranger Australia

Source: caradvice.co.au – 2016 Ford Ranger Australia

The platform – in detail

Many people said that the Ranger would be the same as the European model but this is not the case. Instead, the US model of the truck will suffer similar changes to those on the Colorado. This means it will get a new design, inside and out, as well as improved or new engines. These changes are meant to make the truck legal in the United States as well as more competitive. So far Ford hasn’t said when the release will happen but most information points out at a late 2017 release with the production model coming shortly after. The price, while not official at this point, will be around $25,000 for a base model. This would make it close to the Colorado while giving Ford enough wiggle room for extra features.

Source: caradvice.co.au

Source: caradvice.co.au

Under the hood of 2019 Ford Ranger

According to most rumors, the 2019 Ford Ranger is going to feature a 3.2 liter inline 5 turbocharged diesel. Even though this engine has been around for some time on the International model, it has been on the US market for a short amount of time in the Transit. Here it makes 185 horsepower and 350 lb-ft of torque which is comparable to GM’s 2.8 liter inline 4 unit. The inline 5 has proven its reliability in numerous cases and it is expected to be installed in the Ranger with a few upgrades. These should make it a bit more efficient and it should give if a small boost in power as well. The engine is expected to develop around 10% more torque than in the Transit.

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This won’t be the only offering though. The US model is also expected to feature two different petrol engines. The base truck will receive a 2 or 2.3 liter turbocharged inline 4 offering around 250 horsepower and over 270 lb-ft of torque. The top end petrol engine on the other hand has been rumored to be a V6. At this point it still is unclear if it will be Ford’s 2.7 liter unit or a naturally aspirated 3.5 or 3.7 liter V6. In any case, it will make around 300 horsepower and close to 300 lb-ft of torque. A manual should be offered across the range while a six speed automatic, or even Ford’s 10 speed unit, will be an option.

Source: topspeed.com

Source: topspeed.com

The design, inside and out

It still is quite early to say anything about how the 2019 Ford Ranger will look. However, it is safe to assume that Ford will go for a more aggressive design. This has also been the case with the Colorado which makes sense considering their segment. The front end might feature a few cues from the F-150 but the overall design will be a lot more similar to what the Ranger currently has to offer. The cabin will go on a very similar route. Here, instead of going for the utilitarian design of the F-150, the Ranger should offer a much more premium feel. This will allow it to be used as a day-to-day vehicle and it should give it an edge over the Colorado which is a lot less impressive inside the cabin.

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Source: caradvice.co.au - 2016 Ford Ranger Interior

Source: caradvice.co.au – 2016 Ford Ranger Interior

Here is a video of 2016 Ranger which is available in Australia:

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