2019 Ford Focus Changes, News

The ongoing Focus has been around for roughly six years now and it went through one major facelift in its lifetime. In order to stay competitive, the car will receive a major update with the 2019 Ford Focus which is expected to debut in the early 2018 as 2019 MY. Even though Ford hasn’t revealed its intentions up until now, numerous test mules of the new Focus have been spied ever since the start of the year. Until the new model will be released though, the current one will have to be discontinued and it seems it will do so with a bang. This will be the 2018 Focus RS500 which is expected to come in a very limited run, both in the US and in Europe.

Spy Photos Front End

Source: autoblog.com

The new car and the old RS?

Both the new Focus and the RS500 should be out roughly at the same time, with the RS being expected a few weeks prior to the release of the new model. This will mark the end of this generation and it is expected to be sold before the official release, similar to what they did with the Ford GT. Not much is known about it but people expect around 500 units for the US market and 500 for Europe. Its price should be just north of $40,000 which would make it around $5,000 more than the regular RS. The new Focus on the other hand won’t cost that much more over the current model. Instead, it will offer more space and likely better features while costing the same which would be a great tradeoff.

2019 Ford Focus Exterior

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The platform of new 2019 Ford Focus

The new 2018 Ford Focus is going to be based on a new chassis and this has been made clear from the test mules. These were noticeably longer than the current car and also featured a longer wheelbase. Even though it doesn’t seem like it, the new car should also be slightly wider as well as lower. The larger footprint but the shorter height should allow for more space inside the cabin as well as a better driving position.

Spy Photos Ford Focus Side View

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How it will look?

There is no word about the design but some rumors suggest at an evolution of the current design language which has been around for quite some time. With the new Focus, an ST version should also be launched with slightly better performance than before. The interior of the new car will definitely get rid of the rather unusual shaped dashboard. Instead, it seems that the new Focus will receive something a lot closer in terms of feel and design with the Fusion. This will definitely elevate the experience inside the cabin while not adding much to the overall cost of the car.

Spy Photos Exterior

Source: autoblog.com

2019 Ford Focus – Under the hood

While the European market received the 1 liter engine a lot sooner, the US market was stuck with the older 2 liter inline 4. It seems that the 2019 Ford Focus will ditch all the naturally aspirated engines in the favor of the EcoBoost powertrains. This means that even the base model on the US market will receive an EcoBoost. The most likely contender here is a 1 liter 3 cylinder offering around 140 horsepower and little over 130 lb-ft of torque. This will replace both previous engines and should make for a good compromise between performance and fuel consumption.

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In Europe a 1.5 liter engine with anything between 150 and 200 horsepower should also be available. The rumored ST Focus on the other hand would get to use a heavily updated 2 liter EcoBoost capable to offer close to 280 horsepower. There is still no word on a new RS but considering the current one came more than five years after the release of the regular Focus, a new one could come around 2023.

2016 Ford Focus Engine

2016 Ford Focus Engine – Source: thecarconnection.com

Release date

It is too early to talk about the release date at this point in time. Despite test mules being spotted all around the place, the production model is nowhere near its completion phase. What would be safe to assume is that car will be presented publicly at the end of 2017 at one of the American auto shows. After that, the car would enter final phases of production and it would be available for purchase during the first months of 2018. Model year for the new Ford Focus would be 2019.

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