Tesla Model S Accessories: Enhancing Your Electric Experience

Since its debut in 2012, the Tesla Model S has emerged as one of the most sought-after electric vehicles on the market, boasting superior range, performance, and design. But one of the joys of owning such a technologically advanced vehicle is the opportunity to personalize and enhance its features even further. This article delves into some of the most popular and innovative Tesla Model S accessories available for the Model S.

1. All-Weather Floor Mats:

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Driving conditions can be unpredictable, but ensuring the interior of your Model S remains pristine doesn’t have to be. Tesla’s all-weather floor mats are custom made to fit the Model S perfectly. Made of durable, high-quality materials, these mats protect the car’s original carpet from water, mud, snow, and spills. They’re easy to clean, ensuring your Model S retains its luxurious feel regardless of the season.

2. Wireless Charger:

While the Tesla Model S comes with an advanced infotainment system and multiple charging options, a dedicated wireless charging pad offers additional convenience. These chargers, designed specifically for the Model S, fit seamlessly into the center console and provide a tidy solution for charging your smartphone without the clutter of cables.

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3. Wheel Kits and Hub Covers:

Tesla’s Aero and Sport wheel kits not only provide aesthetic upgrades but can also influence the car’s aerodynamics and efficiency. Hub covers, on the other hand, are perfect for those who prefer a minimalist look while protecting their wheel hubs from dust and debris.

4. Carbon Fiber Spoilers:

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For those who wish to add a touch of sportiness to their Model S, a carbon fiber spoiler is the perfect accessory. This lightweight material doesn’t just enhance the aesthetics; it can also improve the vehicle’s aerodynamics, potentially boosting efficiency and performance.

5. Sunshade:

Given the Model S’s expansive glass roof, a sunshade can be a beneficial accessory. Tesla’s sunshades are designed to reduce cabin temperature, shielding the interiors from harmful UV rays and providing added privacy. They are foldable and easy to store when not in use.

6. Center Console Organizer:

The spaciousness of the Model S’s interior is one of its many charms. To ensure that everything has its place, especially smaller items, a center console organizer is invaluable. Custom-designed for the Model S, these organizers allow for easy storage and quick access to items like sunglasses, coins, and more.

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7. Car Cover:

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Protecting your investment is always a good idea. A high-quality car cover designed for the Model S protects the vehicle from external elements, whether you’re storing it indoors or outdoors. These covers are made from materials that resist water, dust, and UV radiation, ensuring your Tesla remains in top shape.

8. Sentry Mode USB Drive:

Tesla’s Sentry Mode is an innovative security feature that uses the car’s cameras to monitor its surroundings when left unattended. For this mode to function efficiently, a USB drive is required to store footage. Specialized USB drives optimized for Tesla’s Sentry Mode ensure smooth recording and easy retrieval of data.


The Tesla Model S is more than just an electric vehicle; it’s a statement of innovation, luxury, and sustainability. Enhancing it with the right accessories not only elevates your driving experience but also ensures the car remains in impeccable condition. Whether you’re looking to boost the aesthetics, functionality, or protection of your Model S, there’s an accessory tailored to meet your needs. As Tesla continues to push the boundaries of what electric vehicles can achieve, the world of Tesla accessories will undoubtedly continue to grow, offering owners even more ways to personalize their ride.

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