2020 Tesla Model Y Price, Release date

Tesla is quickly becoming one of the biggest car manufacturers in the World. In fact not that long ago they became the most valued car company in the World. This is not an easy feat to achieve and especially so for a company that only builds two cars at this point with one about to be released soon. In order to achieve his goal of building north of 200,000 cars a year by 2024, Elon stated not that long ago that a 4th car is on its way. The upcoming 2024 Tesla Model Y is set to become Tesla’s 5th model and their 4th car in production at the moment of its release. The Model Y is going to be a compact luxury crossover which will be slotted right above the Model 3 sedan. However, there are some very interesting details about it which we are going to discuss next.

Elon confirmed the Model Y is not going to share its platform with the Model 3 sedan. This is a huge piece of information as it basically confirms Tesla’s desire to offer a more streamlined manufacturing process. This new platform will likely be used across a few other models but the one to get it first will be the new crossover. Elon said that this will be a huge step up over what they are currently capable of. For starters, it seems the wiring harness will be considerably shorter and the car’s computers are all going to be merged into one. These alone should save Tesla, and the actual customer, a lot of money over their current cars. On top of that it should allow them to build the cars with more ease so we shouldn’t be surprised if in the next 10 to 20 years more than half of the cars on the roads are going to be electric.

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Source: bussinesinsider.com

2020 Tesla Model Y Price & Release date

What was long rumored is now confirmed. According to Electreck and the man himself (Elon Musk) Tesla Model Y is on the way. Unfortunately, the US company has other priorities at the moment (Model 3). The above-written means that there is still some time to wait for this crossover to hit the roads. Most of the sources are together on the release date of 2024 Tesla Model Y. From what everyone conjured up from Musk’s statements the Tesla Model Y will enter into serial production late in 2019 or early in 2024. So, don’t sit and wait for it. Better walk, because, three years is a long period of waiting. One worth it, but nonetheless there is still time, let’s enjoy Model 3 first.

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Tesla Motors haven’t disclosed anything regarding the pricing of the upcoming Y Model but here’s what we think. Considering that they already sell luxury SUV (Model X) the cost of Y will be under it (X Starts at $83,700). Actually, with Tesla targeting mass production, they will price it way under the X price. But there are some limitations. The price needs to be competitive. Chevy sells its Bolt EV for $37,500. For Model Y to become a grand seller, it needs to have a price tag in this region. And if we look at its non-EV counterparts, for example, BMW X3 which is priced at $40,000 we get to a conclusion. 2024 Tesla Model Y will be priced in the region between $35,000 to $50,000.

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The design – Inside and Outside

Even though the 2024 Tesla Model Y is still far from release, Elon tweeted a teaser picture of its front end a while ago. This showcased some really interesting design lines which weren’t identical to those on the Model 3 sedan like initially reported. It seems the Model Y will have quite a bit more in common with Tesla’s other crossover. The front end is quite tall but the headlights give the car a more aggressive look than its siblings. Elon also confirmed the car is not going to receive the really expensive rear gull-wing doors. Instead the car will receive regular doors and it seems a more SUV-like design with a regular roof-line and a taller rear end. While this will likely affect its efficiency, it should make the Model Y considerably better in terms of carrying capacity and overall usability.

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Unlike the Model 3, which will receive a really basic cabin, the 2024 Tesla Model Y is expected to be a bit more conventional. The crossover in question is expected to receive a regular center stack and console, the usual digital instrument cluster as well as a large center-screen which will act as the car’s control center. The materials are likely going to be improved by a good margin and thanks to the car’s more conventional exterior design, it is also expected to offer quite a bit more room for passengers. Even though it isn’t quite clear, a 7 seats model might be offered at some point in its lifetime.

2020 Tesla Model Y interior 560x420

Source: businessinsider.com

2020 Model Y Specs – The powertrain

Just like with any other Tesla currently on sale, the Model Y will be a full electric vehicle. Even though so far Elon decided to keep quiet about it, we are quite sure the 2024 Tesla Model Y will share a fair amount of its powertrain components with their other models. This likely means a 70 to 100 kWh battery-pack which should be able to provide anything between 200 to 300 miles of all electric range. The car will likely come with all wheel drive as standard and as much as 450 horsepower on the range topping models. Even though this is less than the current Model S, let’s not forget the Model Y will be an entry level car. All versions of the car are likely going to come with Tesla’s SuperCharging as standard. It also seems that higher range models might be added after its initial release date.

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