Getting It Right: Finding Headlight Bulbs for Your Car

Some things will always need replacing, and car headlights happen to be one of them. Unfortunately, the technology still isn’t at the point where a single set of headlight bulbs will last the entire lifespan of your car, so you can expect to have to change them out every couple of months or so.

Your headlight bulbs are extremely important to your safety and visibility while on the road, so you should take your time to select the right bulbs for you carefully. In two years, most bulbs will have lost anywhere between 20-30% of their overall effectiveness, which can render them near useless when you need them most. As night draws in, and you find yourself on a desolate highway, being able to pick out any animals that might be on the road long before you need to slam on the breaks, is essential. There are a few different attributes you need to consider when picking out your bulbs. Here they are.

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Life Expectancy

Depending on your particular needs, it may be worth it to shell out some extra money for bulbs that will last longer than other more budget-friendly options. If you frequently find yourself driving at night for long distances, it would be prudent to buy bulbs that will last as long as possible. Some cars are designed in ways that make it extremely difficult and time-consuming to replace the headlights once they’ve burnt out. You should also keep that in mind when shopping for the right set of headlights.


How white a headlight is will ultimately affect how much visibility is on offer. The whiter the light, the more detail you’ll be able to pick out, and the crisper your overall field of view will be. White light can be accomplished from all kinds of bulbs, including halogen as seen here. It’s also worth noting that white headlights are much more effective at reflecting light off of road signs, so you can quickly read them and get back to focusing on driving.

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Obviously, how bright a headlight is should be carefully noted because this is how much room in front of your car will be illuminated. The brighter your lights are, the more spillover light there will be in your peripheral vision as well, which leads to a much wider field of view overall. A balance needs to be struck with brightness and life expectancy. However, the brighter a bulb is, the lower its life expectancy will be.


Many choices in car-related products, like waxes or what kind of oil you end up choosing, will have an effect on your car that will be difficult to perceive. This isn’t the case when it comes to picking out the right light bulbs for your car. It isn’t safe to drive your car when you can’t see what’s in front of you. Also, if you frequently buy budget lights that are always dying on you, there’s a risk you’ll get pulled over and fined for having a headlight out. Carefully consider all of your choices before buying, and buy for the right mix of the three attributes listed above that fits within your price range.

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