Tools Every Car Owner Should Have

If you are the type of person that constantly likes to work on their own vehicle, to tinker with the settings of the engine, constantly checking oil levels, tire pressure and a bunch of other stuff, you are probably in need of tons of tools. But, the problem with tools is that they are kind of expensive, especially if you want to get multiple in one purchase.

If you ever ask an auto technician how they managed to get such a huge collection of tools, they will tell you that they never bought more than 3 tools in just one day. Such collections are a result of years and years of working on automotive repairs. So, you realize that you do not have a big enough budget to properly gear yourself with the right equipment. What should you do?

Well, fortunately for you, we are here to tell you about all the tools that are most necessary when it comes to vehicle repairs and inspections. Make sure that you first equip yourself with the ones we are going to list first, then you can freely expand to other equipment territories.

Combine your jack with a jack stand

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If you ever wander into a workshop or into a garage, the first thing you will notice is going to be either a jack or a jack stand. These tools might not look like much, but they are probably one of the most powerful things in your equipment which is equipped to handle the weight of cars. This weight we just mentioned can reach up to thousands of pounds which can be very dangerous if not handled properly.

A lot of auto mechanics start disregarding the most basic safety rules when it comes to working on vehicles because they believe too much into their equipment or in their skills. Assuming that nothing might go wrong because you already have so much experience is the first step to a big mistake. This is why you have to always combine your jack with a jack stand.

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When lifting a vehicle you use the jack to raise the weight of the vehicle, but not to load it. The power to lift off this item comes from its hydraulics which is designed to lift and are not meant to be left under constant pressure. This constant pressure load might cause some parts of the hydraulics to break or burst which can cause the car to drop. Ignore the financial issues you can get into if you damage someone’s vehicle, just imagine how many injuries such a drop might cause to one of your coworkers or even to you.

The number one rule is that you simply cannot leave something that weighs more than a thousand pounds on a single jack which is why most manufacturers advise you to always use a jack stand to take off some of the weight from the jack.

You will also have to do extensive research to find a jack that comes from a reliable company which is why we recommend you to go through tools doctor to find out the best high lift jack. To learn more about off-road jacks visit

At least one screwdriver should be inside of your car



As a car owner, having the right tools can be incredibly beneficial for various maintenance and emergency situations. However, one tool that every car owner should consider is a comprehensive purchase car inspection Brisbane, especially when buying a used vehicle. If you’re in Brisbane, you can rely on the expertise of SAB Safety Certificates for professional and reliable pre-purchase inspections. By opting for their services, you equip yourself with the essential tool of knowledge about the vehicle’s condition before making a purchase.

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Almost every driver or maybe even every person in their life has been in some situation where they have needed some type of a sturdy tool to pry something open, to unscrew something and so on. The perfect item for such situations is a simple screwdriver. A screwdriver is almost impossible to break, well that is if you bought it from a reputable manufacturer and can handle hundreds of different tasks.

Do you need to quickly unscrew something or tighten down the screws on the drawer in your friend’s house? Need to pry open your last can of beer because the stay-tab broke? Do you need to jimmy the lock of your trunk because it got stuck again? All of these situations can be easily handled with just one screwdriver.

However, instead of just throwing any kind of screwdriver in your glove box we recommend that you get yourself a full set with detachable heads. With a good set, you will be able to deal with any kind of shape or size of screws. You could also buy it in combination with a socket wrench that comes with various socket extensions to help you when working with bolts or nuts.

Be ready to always check your tire pressure 

tire pressure


Are you constantly going on trips with your car and always spending hours and hours waiting in line to check the tire pressure at your local gas station? Well, if you want to avoid those waiting lines, but stay safe too then why not just grab a tire pressure gauge?

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You have the option to either go for an analog one which will do just fine, but if you are looking for something that will show you accurate results and even remember your previous readings, you should go for a digital pressure gauge. With this tool, you can easily find out if you need to refill your tires with air for your next long trip.

Revive your dead car battery 

car battery


I think I can safely say that there isn’t one driver in this world that has not experienced a dead battery at least once in their lives. This is probably one of the most annoying situations you can get yourself in. And these types of problems happen at the worst time possible. You overslept and you are worried that you will be late to work? Well too bad, because your car’s battery has other plans.

However, you can easily save yourself from this kind of situation by getting a pair of jumper cables. With a set of jumper cables and someone who is willing to share their battery power with yours, you can easily revive your dead battery and get back on the road.

We recommend that everyone should have jumper cables in the trunk in case they come into such a situation or if they find someone who is in need of help. 


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