Locked Your Car Keys? Don’t Panic: Here’s What You Can Do – 2024 Guide

You can feel helpless when your vehicle keys get locked inside. It is difficult to find a way to escape this situation when you start feeling panic immediately. Whenever you face this problem, you must stay calm and think of different ways to get your keys.

It is better to consider a locksmith service for making a new key for your vehicle. It is a simple solution, but sometimes, one cannot access it immediately. You must try simple methods to take the key out of your automobile without panicking.

You can follow the guide and learn simple tips to unlock your vehicle and rescue keys. You can open the door and follow the right technique within a few minutes. But even after trying a lot, the door is closed; you can ask someone for help.

1. Check Whether Any Door is Still Open

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Many people check the driver’s seat door whenever such a situation happens. It is crucial to check other doors if one has left one open. Sometimes, it happens by mistake, and you do not have to feel guilty.

This situation happens often, and one can get rid of it if you are alert enough. Before you do anything, inspect your car carefully and check if a single door is unlocked. When you stay calm, you can easily think about the doors. If all the doors are closed, you must stay calm and follow other tips.

2. Call Someone for Help

If you do not know about the things you can do whenever the keys get locked inside your vehicle, you must call someone for help. You must approach people around you and allow them to help you. Many people determine what to do in such a situation, and they will help you in any way.

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They may ask for your identity to check whether the car belongs to you. After providing the proof, someone can unlock the door. It is good to approach security or police officers to help stay safe.

3. Get a Spare Key

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Every car company provides two keys to the owner. One can use the spare key when you lose one. It is better to find and use that key to unlock the door. If you are far from home, you can contact a friend to find and get that key to your location.

On the safer side, you can store it in your wallet or any secure place. You must access an extra key to get rid of this situation immediately. Many people forget their keys inside the vehicle and prefer carrying a spare one to avoid any issues.

4. Use Your Smartphone

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The latest car models support applications you can operate on your cell phone and unlock all the doors automatically. If you have connected your automobile and smartphone through any app, you must access it immediately.

It is an added security feature that helps a user to unlock the vehicle in his absence. You can use this technology on your phone and get your keys back. But this feature is available in limited luxury models. One cannot expect it in your previous vehicle model.

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5. Use Shoelace

If you own an older vehicle model with manual types of locks, then you can prefer using a shoelace to solve your problem. You can take out your shoelace or get it from someone and make a small loop. After that, you must wiggle it inside the door of the driver until the knot moves inside. Like you floss your teeth, you must do the same using your hands.

The knot should slip into the window and try to reach the manual type of lock. Once it reaches the lock, you must tighten the knot and try to pull it upwards. Make sure to have a strong grip on its lock for a gentle pull. When it goes up, all the doors will automatically unlock, and you will obtain access to the keys. The entire method will take some time, and you should be patient and keep trying until you succeed.

6. Use a Hanger

One can take a hanger made with a thin wire and unlock manual locks easily. You need pliers for the hanger unravelling, and it should be straight from one side and hooked from another. Now, you should slide the hooked side between the space of the weather strip and the window.

When you put the hook inside your window, you must pull it gently. It will be stuck inside, and the door will get unlocked. You must do the same as you do while fishing. This method also requires proper technique and patience.

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7. Contact a Locksmith

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If the DIY method does not work, you can contact a locksmith to prepare a new vehicle key. You need to wait for some time until you get a new key. The locksmith can also try unlocking the door with his tools. If he does so, you can easily access the original key.

But another solution is to get a new key and keep it as a spare. It is difficult to find a locksmith near you. Again, you must wait for some time and get services accordingly. If you contact an expert, you should not lose your patience.

Final Thoughts

There is no need to panic if you have locked keys inside your automobile. Whenever you feel stressed, it becomes difficult to think about the solutions. You can follow all the tips mentioned above and try your luck. You can easily unlock the door and get the keys with patience and effort.

Getting panicked is not a solution at all. You should stay positive in all situations. One can avoid losing the keys if you stay alert and avoid mistakes. It is crucial to understand that this is a common situation that happens often. Therefore, there is nothing to panic when you can handle the situation with a peaceful mind.

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