5 Maintenance Tips To Help Keep Your Car In A Good Shape

We often tend to see our car as another member of our family – so the care and maintenance are especially taken into account. Car maintenance ensures its longevity and smooth operation. So, here’s what to do if you want to keep your car in good shape.

Maintenance Will Significantly Extend The Life Of Your Car

Today, cars are not a luxury – but a necessity. It is practically impossible to function without them – so it is not surprising that many of us are attached to the car almost as if it is a family member. Of course, like with any family member – you need to take care of your vehicle. In other words, you have to service your car regularly and take care of some things that can negatively affect its condition. There is probably nothing more frustrating than when you face any problem with the car – especially if you are in a hurry or if the car service is not close. You can avoid such unwanted incidents if you maintain and inspect your car. And that’s not all! Proper and regular maintenance of the vehicle will significantly prolong the life of your four-wheeler. On the other hand, without proper vehicle maintenance, the car will be more prone to breakdowns in the future – which you can also feel in your budget.

Regular Maintenance Is A Condition Of The Warranty On New Cars

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Even if you have decided to buy a brand new car – do not think you should avoid regular maintenance of your vehicle. Namely, to be entitled to a warranty when buying a new car – regular maintenance and servicing are necessary. While this may seem like an unnecessary waste of money to many new car drivers, it’s not. Routine and regular vehicle maintenance reduces the risk of breakdowns and improves driving quality. However, many owners disregard the rules for maintaining their vehicles for various reasons. The most common reasons are ignorance, lack of money – but very often laziness. According to some estimates, for these reasons, 20 to 30% of cars on world roads are defective – and that is a direct consequence of irregular vehicle maintenance.

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Keeping Your Car In Good Condition: Tips For Every Driver

Regardless of whether the car is new or used, it is always good to maintain it – because the more you keep it safe, the better it will keep you safe. Moreover, the way you maintain your car also affects the safety of other drivers. For example, due to reduced visibility on the road in fog conditions or reduced visibility due to bad weather, the protective glass on the headlights must always be clean. Therefore, we present you with tips that can serve as a reminder of what you need to pay attention to if you want to maintain your car properly.

1. Do not skip regular car service

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Car service is a necessary and legally regulated inspection of vehicles. This type of checkup involves servicing various parts inside the car. According to radiumshop.co.uk, these can be smaller parts such as rubber belts, filters, brackets, etc. – but sometimes, it may be necessary to replace a more serious car part. Regular car service is important because it can detect potential malfunctions and problems – even before they occur. The time interval for doing a small car service depends on the vehicle, but the average is to do it on 15 to 20 thousand kilometers. Such a small regular service includes the replacement of oil and various filters and checking the fluid in the car – as well as a possible replacement. The advice is not to skip this service, because it is the best way to detect possible problems before they occur.

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2. Check batteries and engines before the winter

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Checking the battery and engine is another regular item for car maintenance – but before the winter it is necessary to check these key parts of the car, to determine whether they work smoothly. The battery must have no problems starting at low temperatures – as well as that the engine maintains a constant and optimal fuel temperature.

3. Regular maintenance and service of the turbine


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Regular maintenance of the turbocharger is also extremely important – especially for engine performance, and fuel consumption. Apart from the fact that regular maintenance prevents major engine failures – regular maintenance of the turbine also prevents damage and a decline in the performance of the turbocharger itself, as well as financial expenses for turbine service. What is certain, is that a car with a turbocharger requires more frequent oil changes than is the case with an ordinary family car.

4. Changing tires

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First, we have to make a clear distinction between summer and winter tires. It’s just not the same thing. In addition to being mandatory, winter tires are significant for your safety during winter driving conditions. What characterizes them are deeper patterns than in summer tires – which is why they slide less and have better performance on the ice and on wet roads. Combining summer and winter tires is not recommended – and experts also claim that all winter tires should have the same pattern.

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5. Regular car wash 


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Vehicle hygiene is an extremely important item that will ensure that your vehicle is clean and safe – but it will also make your car look nice. You can wash your car regularly yourself, in a self-service car wash, where you can wash your vehicle outside. Then be careful and think ecologically, so use as much water as you need. If you want to wash the exterior of your car in more detail, use the professional car wash service – where your car will go through the process of washing and polishing, to achieve the ultimate shine.

The Bottom Line

Every good driver knows that regular vehicle maintenance is essential for safe and carefree driving. Your car is a machine that requires continuous care and maintenance – and regular servicing and thorough technical inspections are the only way to extend the life of your car. So, keep the car in good shape and reduce the risk of breakdowns – and you will ensure optimal driving quality.

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