Why you Need to Carefully Read Car Owner Manual

Let’s be real, to many of us the car owner manual serves just for when something goes horribly wrong and we don’t know how to fix it. We often tend to forget the fact that the manual is there in order to prevent bad things happening to whatever product it is that we’re talking about, in this case, our vehicles.

Every small device that we purchase comes with a manual, not to mention the entire books that come with a car, and we should really be paying some more attention to them. Here’s why.

It helps set up your car

Not everyone who purchases a vehicle is an experienced driver or a car fanatic, meaning that without any previous experience, setting up your vehicle properly might be hard to do. Luckily, there are the car instructions manuals that we all get with our purchases, so make sure that you read those and you’ll have a much easier time maneuvering.

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Learning about features you didn’t know existed


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A car owner manual is there to help you learn about every single feature that the car has, including some of which you’ve never heard before. There have been many times when a person driving the car for many years got surprised and caught up in a “Wow, my car can do that?” moment, so don’t be that guy.

Learn about the proper tire pressure

The newer vehicles will usually have an indicator that will go off letting you know your tire pressure might be a little bit lower than it should be. However, that indicator will not tell you to what degree your tires will be inflated to. In fact, nothing on the car will provide you this information, and it is only included in the car owner manual. Make sure you read it.

Learning what all indicators mean


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According to Ownermanual.co, some indicators are pretty self-explanatory, such as the wrenches indicating that you’ll need to change oil or something similar, while the bottom tire means your tires are low. However, in some cases, a car might have a few indicators that remind more of abstract art than an indicator, meaning that you will never be able to figure out what they mean unless you read the car owners manual.

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Making you an overall better driver

We know that it sounds a little bit strange, but reading a car manual can really help you become a better driver. How does this happen? Well, by understanding how your car works, you will be able to perform certain decisions in certain situations where it is very important, and all of these small corrections and right choices will make you a much better driver in the long-term. It’s a fact that every car is different, and there might be a lot of things that you don’t know about yours. This is where the car owner manual can help a lot by providing you inside information that only the car manufacturers know. A good driver is always in a tight relationship with his car.


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