List of Car Wash Soap Alternatives to Take Care of Your Car

After each tour or a long drive, your car accumulates roadside dirt and grime which makes it look lifeless. It thus demands care in the form of proper washing. However, different car brands and models sometimes require special car washing detergents and soaps. But what if you don’t have a car washing soap or you run out of it in the middle of car washing?

This brings the alternatives to car washing soaps. But you might be wondering if these alternatives are safe or not and how to apply them effectively. Read this article to learn more about the car soap alternatives for your vehicle. 

Ultimate car wash alternatives list:

Here I am going to describe the basics of car wash alternatives to help you decide which alternative suits the best for your all loving car. And if you want to know more about the car and home washing, I recommend you Pressurewasherify who are the experts on this topic. 

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Hand washing soap:

Honestly speaking, washing a car with your hand soap is going to be a tough job. It might feel as if you are being punished and this is what you have to do to redeem yourself. It is because none of the hand washing soaps is designed for washing cars. And it is understandable.

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Unlike some tough-nuts like you and me, others won’t think of cleaning the car with hand soap. However, a soft antibacterial hand soap will clean your car with some imperfections. But if you are not obsessed with your car painting, this soap might prove to be a good alternative. Trust me, it is!

Laundry detergent:

Once again if you sacrifice a little bit on your car paint and waxing, laundry detergents turn out to be a potential car cleaning agent. The biggest setback of laundry detergent is that it is extremely hard to rinse off it from the car body.

Most automobiles have highly sensitive body paint and the harshness of laundry detergents might harm it. Moreover, you need to be meticulous and attentive to details while you rinse off the detergent from the car. Otherwise, it surely going to affect the car paint in the future.

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Baby shampoo:

Compared to hand soaps, baby shampoo is a much milder cleaning agent. This item is carefully built to take care of the soft head skin of babies and that is why it is not too strong. Thus it causes less damage to car waxing and paints. Nonetheless, most car cleaning professionals don’t rate shampoo high on the list because it fades away car paint over time.

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House cleaners:

Some amateur car cleaning professionals might suggest you using household cleaners for your car wash. In reality, all the household cleaning agents contain highly reactive chemical agents and these are often too harsh. So they will most likely damage your car wax and attractive body painting.

These cleaners are perfect for cleaning your kitchen and even bathroom but they will damage your car wind. So, I would suggest you never use house cleaning agents to wash your car, never.

Liquid dish cleaners:

Dish liquids are also not ideal for taking care of your car. Liquid dish cleaners come with a notorious residue which leaves an almost permanent impression on your car paint. This really feels ugly and creates havoc on the finishing of your car.

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Should you avoid alternatives?

Considering the above discussion, I would advise you to negate the chances of using car wash alternatives. And even if you are to use the alternatives, you must give your best to clean your car with utmost care to avoid any unexpected damage.

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Final verdict

Car wash soap alternatives are easy to find but difficult to apply properly without doing any damage to your car. So, it’s better you leave these alternatives away and focus on using the car soaps for better performance.

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