The best cars for each season of the year

Cars are a large investment, and most people will likely only own one car at a time. However, if you’re ever lucky enough to have the funds to buy more than one car, there are definitely different cars that cater to different seasons of the year. For some manufacturers, this is purposeful as certain seasons have more intense temperatures or weather. But, ultimately, having the opportunity to have a nice car for each season would be a dream for any car lover. Or, to be able to have a nice car that’ll combat the strongest season for where you live geographically would also be a good thing. Here are the best cars for each season of the year:


Springtime is known for warm weather, sprouting trees, and flowers, and new beginnings, meaning the perfect car for spring would be somewhat of a starter vehicle. The perfect car for this time of the year would be a small, four-door sedan. It doesn’t need to have any bold colors, as a simple grey would easily hide the pollen and dirt often associated with spring. It also should not have leather seats, as that leather could easily heat in the sun and burn your skin.


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Another reason a simple sedan would be perfect for spring is because it could have a small sun roof that lets a little sun into your car as you’re cruising. You also would have enough room with a back seat and a trunk to take a weekend trip! And since sedans are small and easier to fix, if you come across any issues you can take your sedan to an auto body repair shop in Ypsilanti, MI and save your money for your taxes instead of a pricey car repair.

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Summer’s known for its hot weather, family vacations and time spent outdoors. This means that the best car for your summer season will have the necessary storage for multiple trips as well as the ability to allow you for a bit of sunbathing. A jeep would definitely suffice. Not only can most jeeps have their roof removed easily, the latest iterations of the vehicle provide simple ways for allowing your family to enjoy the sun while in this off-roading vehicle. This is fantastic for anyone interested in soaking up some vitamin D while exploring the back roads of their town or while taking a family road trip.



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Fall, which is noted as one of the most popular seasons by many, is known for its change. The changing colors of tree leaves and the change in temperature easily signal the need for a new set of wheels. For fall, having a vehicle that can allow for windows-rolled-down cruises when the weather is forgiving and be able to pack up the entire family for trips for the holidays is important. A compact SUV will easily do this service and will provide you space and comfort you need.

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Lastly, for the season of winter, the most feasible vehicle to have this time of year would be a truck. As winter often offers severe and adverse weather, a truck would be able to combat this issue. Many trucks today are being made with all-wheel and four-wheel drive, which means that power from the vehicle is being spread out to all four wheels rather than just two. This requires more energy but is found to be safer for driving on ice and other adverse terrain. Not to mention, you can easily ensure your truck with commercial truck insurance in Louisiana to further ensure the safety of your vehicle during such a dangerous season.

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