How to quiet noisy car lifters?

Sound proofing is the best way to get rid of the annoying and irritating sounds produced by your car. But sometimes there is some internal malfunctioning in the engine of the car which produces unbearable noises. And these noises cannot be reduced by different sound proofing products.

Sometimes we heard some ticking sound from the engine of our car, which is continuous and irritating. Actually this is the sound of the car’s hydraulic lifters. So, in this article we’ll find out the ways to quiet noisy lifters.

The noise is so annoying which these sound lifters create and also when you listen to these voices while driving, it is also very dangerous. Because this noise can divert your attention from the road, these noises will distract you from listening the important sounds that you need to hear, like car horns or sleeper lines.

By keeping these things in your mind, it is very important that we take notice of every kind of sound that our car is producing.

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So let’s discuss these lifters and why they produce these annoying sounds. And how can we make them quiet…

What are the lifters??

Valve lifters are the cylindrical parts, inside your engine. They are about the size of a finger. They have a small hole inside them, which allows the oil to lubricate the internal side of the engine. The lifter than raises the push rod or rocket arm, which is about a quarter inch thick metal bar, up to the meet of top valve.

If the lifters are operated in the right way, the whole engine will be as quiet as it can be… and if the lifters are noisy themselves, then how will they be able to quiet the engine.

How to quiet the noisy lifters:

As with any engine trouble, you should perform some regular checks first. In order to check it, you should simply run the engine of your car for some time. For about 20 to 30 minutes and after that the oil will start circulating again and noise will stop on its own. But if the ticking noise persists then it is surely something wrong with your filters. If you also facing problem for high beam lights in your car, then this article will help you to know about how to avoid problems of high beam while driving.

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So for checking the lifters and make them sound free, we need to follow these steps…


  • Adjust the valves
  • Swap out damaged pushrods
  • Flush out the old oil
  • Clean the lifters with oil adhesives
  • Buy new lifters


These are all the things which can go wrong with your hydraulic valve lifters that can produce the annoying noises in your car.

Always remember that in order to analyze that what is going wrong with your car engine, you need to quiet all of the other sources of noise. And for that you can sound proof your car.

When all the other sources, which are producing noise,became quiet, a quick check of the valve train will tell you if there is something physically wrong with one of the parts. If not, then it is more likely that a flushing agent and an oil addictive added to the fresh oil will do the trick and make your car lifters quiet.

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So here you get the solutions to make your car lifters quiet. Now you’ll be able to go anywhere on the car without having any fear that your car engine will explode

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