2019 Subaru Tribeca – Return of Subaru’s Seven-Seat SUV

Between 2005 and 2014 the Tribeca was Subaru’s seven seats crossover offering on the US and European markets. However, the car had a really troubled release. The first generation was a total disaster so Subaru gave it a facelift after just a year on the market. The facelift did quite well but in the end became one of the worst selling cars in the US so it was eventually discontinued. Now that seven seats crossovers are selling quite well, Subaru is looking to bring a successor to the original. Back in the late 2019 they showcased the Viziv-7 Concept which is a great preview for the future. In fact it seems that the production model might be released as the 2019 Subaru Tribeca but it is worth mentioning its naming scheme is still unavailable.

2019 Subaru Tribeca or Tribeca Successor?

The first prototypes for the upcoming model have already been seen testing on the open roads and things are promising. For starters, Subaru is using the Explorer and the new CX-9 as benchmarks. This likely means that they are more than likely better than the two, at least for now. Secondly, the car will use Subaru’s brand new modular platform which was first used on the new Impreza. This will allow them to offer a lower center of gravity, a much stiffer structure than the original as well as the all needed lightness. The end result should be a seven seats crossover with the overall weight of a previous generation Forester which would be quite impressive. The release date is likely going to be in the early 2018 with the production model coming shortly after that. The price is still unknown but expect around $30,000 for a base model.

2019 Subaru Tribeca in motion 630x420

Source: autoguide.com

Subaru’s Seven-seat SUV – The design

Even though the 2019 Subaru Tribeca has been heavily camouflaged for tests, at least we get a good idea about the size of the car. The model seems to be slightly wider than the Explorer and the CX-9 but it seems to be slightly shorter in height. The length is not yet conclusive but it may very well be just as long as its two rivals. The design is still a few months away from release. However, when we take a look at the Viziv-7 concept and at the prototype, one things is clear. The front end seems to feature a grille similar to the Impreza, only larger. On top of that the car seems to have a much squarer design than Subaru’s other cars. The camouflage is likely covering most of the muscular lines but the design might surprise us for the better.

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Even though it still is far from release, it is safe to assume the 2019 Subaru Tribeca will mirror Forester’s interior with minor exceptions. This has been done before by many other manufacturers and usually with quite a bit of success. Expect the two to get the same dashboard, features and materials. However, the Tribeca might receive slightly better materials for the higher end models as well as more features. It will also feature seven seats as standard. Some also suggested that a six seats model with individual bucket seats is also a real possibility.

New Tribeca – Under the hood

The original model of the car featured a naturally aspirated flat-six gas engine. This provided between 240 and 260 horsepower and it was quite fun to drive. Unfortunately it was not that efficient or that suitable for the large weight. Luckily though, the 2019 Subaru Tribeca will be lighter, so it should be able to boost the efficiency and performance quite a bit. Some suggested that the flat-six might return. However, we are not so sure about these rumors. The low weight of the car and the low center of gravity would make it perfect for a turbocharged application of the FB engine.

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A 2.5 liter turbo flat-four with around 300 horsepower and 300 lb-ft of torque would make it a pleasure to drive. Like with all other Subaru’s cars, all wheel drive will definitely be standard. Unfortunately though, their CVT gearbox is also more than likely going to be used here. This is not the fastest or the most fun to use transmission on the market with the only advantage being the great fuel consumption. We do hope Subaru will eventually offer at least a dual-clutch for their cars or they’ll give all customers the choice for a manual.

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