2017 Ford Explorer Review, Price, Pictures

It has been a quarter of century since the first Ford Explorer was introduced to the market. Since then it has gone trough many changes, and during that time it has been one of the best known Ford’s vehicles. Ford has been working continually on improving the Ford Explorer and we have witnessed a magnificent transformation of one of the Ford’s most popular models. Now the time has come to introduce the latest 2017 Ford Explorer.

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Design: Exterior and Interior of 2017 Ford Explorer

It doesn’t happen too often that models as famous as Ford Explorer go through significant changes in their appearance. That is the case with the 2017 Explorer, since Ford has announced that thorough redesign is about to happen on their latest Explorer model. Furthermore, four different models of 2017 Ford Explorer can be expected, and each of them is going to be designed slightly differently. It is too early to speak about specific changes, but it is expected that the most significant alternations will concern head and tail lights and grille. This SUV will be more aerodynamic than the previous model, and it seems that the general appearance will be sporty but elegant.

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This five door vehicle comes with seven seats, arranged in three rows. The interior is cozy with a lot of room for the passengers, which makes long rides in 2017 Ford Explorer enjoyable. There is also a lot of room for the luggage in the back. This SUV vehicle comes with a lot of security features such as double front air bags, stability control and curve control to name just a few. Other features include audio system, satellite radio, Bluetooth connectivity, rear view camera and a 4.2 inch display. 2017 Ford Explorer is a state of the art vehicle with the attributes of one of the most exciting SUV’s that will find themselves on the market in the foreseeable future.

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Engine of new Explorer

For several generations of Ford Explorer Ford has utilized V6 engines. That is one of the rare things which will not change with 2017 Ford Explorer. The base model will have a 3.5 liter V6 engine which is capable to develop up to 290 horse power and has 255 torque. Six speed auto transmission system will also be included in the base model. These engine specifications make 2017 Ford Explorer a strong and endurable vehicle which can be relied upon in various situations.

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Ford Explorer 2017 Price and release date

According to the available information the latest Ford Explorer should be obtainable by the fall of 2016. Be it as it may, the precise date of the SUV’s release hasn’t been set in stone and it could happen as far as the end of 2016. The estimated price of the 2017 Ford Explorer is somewhere around 30.000$ for the base model. Models with different engine specifications might end up costing significantly more, but at this moment there is no way to make an estimation about their actual price. However, all indicators show that the latest Ford Explorer will be a worthy successor of previous models with all the characteristics of a modern and reliable SUV.

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