2018 Dodge Dart SRT4 Review

The last small SRT model made by Dodge was the Caliber which offered an impressive 281 horsepower and a lot of torque from a rather small but turbocharged engine. Unfortunately since that model was discontinued more than half a decade ago, Dodge didn’t really have a worthy successor for it but this might change because last year rumors started to surface about an upcoming 2018 Dodge Dart SRT4 and not too long ago these rumors have been confirmed by Dodge which said that they will be making one. Unlike what the rumors said it seems that the car will still be using the same platform as before but Dodge is definitely going to work on it quite a bit in order to provide a better experience.

2018 Dodge Dart SRT4 Red

2018 Dodge Dart SRT4 Changes

For starters the SRT model is expected to get its entire running gear revised and its engine will be all new for the Dart. At this point there are still not that many details available but it seems that the car will be using an evolution of the engine on the old Caliber but the running gear will be quite a bit more different. This will be achieved by making the new Dart SRT4 an all wheel drive vehicle which means its closest competitor will be the Focus RS. This should give Dodge a good chance at winning the race especially since the Dart is a sedan which is usually a better received body style than the hatchback.

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2018 SRT Dart Price

Its price is currently unknown but if we take a look at its competitors then it is safe to assume that the 2018 Dodge Dart SRT4 is very likely going to cost close to $40,000. While this may seem like quite a bit for a car that starts its life at well under $20,000, the model will first impress its buyers with its upgraded running gear which will likely feature large vented brakes in the front and at the back with four and two piston calipers, all new adjustable dampers and lower springs than before as well as beefier anti-roll bars, all meant to make the car better to drive and a lot faster around corners than the regular model.

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While Dodge still hasn’t said what will power the new SRT4 Dart, it seems that they are very likely going to go with a 2.4 liter turbocharged inline 4 engine, similar to the previous one but with a lot more features such as direct injection, a larger turbocharger, a new exhaust system as well as a better management system. The end result should be close to 350 horsepower and well over 320 lb-ft of torque which is a bit too much for a front wheel drive car. The good part is that Dodge already announced that it will be all wheel drive only and it will get a 6 speed manual just like with the previous model. On top of that though it seems that a new 9 speed automatic might be offered for those wanting the faster yet less engaging transmission.

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2018 Dodge Dart SRT4 Engine

Dart Dodge SRT Design

Being the hot version of the regular model, the 2018 Dodge Dart SRT4 is going to get quite a few visual updates over it. The entire body-kit will be revamped with a more aggressive styling, the wheels are likely going to be 19 inches made out of forged aluminum while the arches will certainly be widened in order to make the car look a bit more muscular. A dual exhaust system similar to that of the original SRT4 should be offered as standard. In the same time the car’s cabin will get new sportier seats, a nicer steering wheel and a similar equipment level to the top of the range model.

Exterior 6
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