6 Ways to Improve the Sound System of a Car

Improving the car sound system is a gradual process. You will have to tweak the electronics at every step. And if that does not work, you will have to revise it. There isn’t any all-or-nothing proposition. 

Turns out, even the simplest improvements and small tweaks can yield noticeable results.

While some of the suggestions in the guide are about the tweaks and settings in your existing sound system, some require you to spend money on new gears like subwoofers, a new head unit, and more. 

Scroll down to learn the best ways to improve the car sound system.

1. Replace the Factor Speakers

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No, you do not have to rethink this again. Unless you have a high-end car, factory speakers are the primary factor affecting the car’s sound quality. 

Car manufacturers are always looking for ways to lower the market price of the car to attract most customers. And they do this by usually fitting just about any decent speakers they can get for modest pricing. 

Even if the car has a speaker system from a reputable manufacturer, chances are the sound system has relatively weaker amps. Another reason for not getting better sound quality from the premium sound system in your car is the age of the speakers. 

So, the first thing to do is to replace the factory speakers. You can choose just about any aftermarket speakers and replace them with your existing speakers to improve the sound. 

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2. Adjust the Tone Controls

Every other car owner max outs their tone control to receive louder noise and better sound. However, that’s not how it works. Take, for instance, the guitar; you tune everything properly to receive a balanced sound. 

The thing is the sound of the car sound system on the driveway and highway are way different. Maxing out the controller may sound better on the driveway, but on the highway, boosting the controls will create distortion. 

If you replace the factory speakers with an aftermarket speaker that comes with a multi-band equalizer, it becomes easy to tune in the controls. For instance, maxing out still doesn’t work. But the tone curves can help you learn how to adjust the tone controllers. 

Retain that adjusting the equalizer demands patience. But that is the fun part if you think about it. Initially, let all the tone controllers be flat. And start adjusting the tone controllers one by one. And gradually start adjusting them up and down to see if the sound is clear. Do not focus on volume initially. 

You will have to ensure to get clear sound without any distortion. And for the volume, you can use DS18 subwoofers. There is no other way to increase the sound and listen to clear music without replacing the factory speakers. 

3. Upgrade the Head Unit.

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Auxiliary connections via a phone degrade the audio quality. So, you will have to replace the head unit and find one that has ports for a USB connection. Of course, replacing the head unit should not always be the priority. But if you have an old system or you are getting an amplifier, then replacing the head unit sounds about right. 

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Similarly, use a high-quality digital-to-analog converter. A DAG system in the car system converts the digital signal to analog — the noises that you hear. And if the digital-to-analog converter couldn’t convert the 1’s and 0’s effectively, the overall sound quality will be affected. 

4. Use Noise Cancellation and Dampening Materials.

The cheapest and quickest way to get the best sound from your old sound system that couldn’t produce loud noises is to soundproof the car. The less the road noise, the more will be the loud and clarity of the songs. 

Another mistake that people make with sound systems is they install speakers on the door panels. By design, the door panels are thin, and this causes the speaker system to interfere with road noises and cause distortion. At the same time, using noise-deadening materials can limit the noises coming and amplify the sound significantly. 

5. Add a car amplifier

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Car amplifiers are costly, but they are the surest way to amplify the sound to a great degree. Consider a replacement if you are looking for an extra boost. However, you will have to ensure that you properly tune the amplifiers. Usually, the manufacturer will provide you with a step-by-step guide to properly mount the amplifier in the car. 

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Ensure to follow every step precisely. For instance, some people neglect using the in-line fuse. Retain that an in-line fuse protects the entire system, and neglecting it can damage the entire system. 

6. Use High-Quality File Containers.

Another thing to note is to always use FLAC or WAV format music files. MP3 is not that great if you are looking to listen to high-quality music. It is often the most overlooked factor when it comes to improving the sound quality. 


As indicated, several factors affect the sound quality drastically. You will have to inspect each element. See if it is a problem. And improve it manually. In case the system itself has degraded, like the factory speaker, or amplifier, ensure to purchase a new one. 

A decent investment in the sound system shouldn’t be a question, given you will have to listen to music or podcasts every day for work or trips. Moreover, purchasing cheap products without any warranty increases the overall cost in the long term. So, invest in quality products and mount them properly. 

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