Is It Worth Buying a Car From an Auction?

Who does not want to get a good deal? Everyone does. They want to show it off to your friends like hey! Guess how much I spent on this beautiful car? However, going to dealers is not always a good choice. If the dealer is a good friend of yours, he might make the deal profitable for you. Otherwise, dealers take their commission for making the deal and thus, you have to pay that.

The other option is going to an auction. Auctions offer the cheapest rates and you get multiple choices to choose from. You will see plenty of sellers selling their used cars. So if there is no dealer in-between the trade, both parties will pay less. This automatically lowers the price.

However, how would you know if there is an auction going on? It’s super easy. You can check out awesome car auctions at collectorchassis. They will let you know if there is an auction going on and when the next one is. So if you do not have money right now, you can prepare it before the next one. It will be of great help to you.

In addition to this, you can also see reviews of previous buyers who bought from their auctions. Besides, there is also an option to sell your used cars. So if you want to participate in the auctions as a seller, you can also do so.

But wait,

This is not all.

Don’t know if the thought came to your mind or not but auctions have their cons too. Though it might seem like they are all beneficial and good for you but this is not 100 percent true.

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There are some risks involved with the process. For example, you won’t know all the details before purchasing. Firstly, because you cannot go for a test drive. Secondly, there is no warranty, it’s just you who pay the money and get the car and the deal is done. Lastly, you won’t know if there is a sketchy past or not.

So what are the pros and cons of getting a purchase from an auction?

The Pros

1 – Cheaper cars

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The biggest benefit of going to auctions is that you can buy cars at a much cheaper rate. So if you do a comparison with buying them privately or through dealers, auctions are cheaper. There will be an add-on value attached when you go to a dealer.

There is an add-on value at auctions too which is the fee of the auction house. However, this fee is much cheaper than what you will need to pay to private dealers. So if you have a cheaper budget, you will be able to get a nice car there.

However, going to auctions is hectic. There are a number of cars there and everyone is looking to make a deal. The environment is quite hectic and if you do not have a budget, you might not make it.

2 – Multiple choices

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There are so many choices to choose from. When you are visiting auction houses, you should know that there will be a lot more cars than you imagine. So if you have a model in your mind, you can ask about it. Otherwise, go with the price tag. If you have a budget, you will be able to look at a wide range of options.

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In addition to this, you will have local and foreign sellers too. So if the auction is of a big level, you will also get to see sellers from other states. However, not all auctions are open to the public. Therefore, before going there, you should check whether it is open to the public or not. Otherwise, you will make waste. You can check this information easily on relevant websites.

However, speed matters

If you are at an auction and you are slow, you might not make the deal. Everyone, there is selling or buying. So there is only one thing going on there. People there are in a hurry because they might not make it later. There will be more than one buyer for a car.

The cons

1 – Dealers only auctions

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As mentioned above, there is a lot of hassle at auction houses. So imagine if you want to sell a car, would you go through all this trouble? Dealing with customers is not an easy thing. People try their best to bargain and not everyone ends up buying. So if you end up banging your head with customers and at the end of the day still do not make the deal, it would be disappointing.

Therefore, a lot of sellers contact dealers. These dealers help them out in selling their cars. So the purpose of contacting the seller won’t be effective anymore. In the end, you will be dealing with dealers.

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Similarly, there will be dealers as buyers too. They will try their best to lower the rate. Therefore, you should not go to such auctions. You can easily find information about different auction houses. The information about the dealers will also be there. So if the auction is for dealers only, it would not be a good choice to go there.

2 – Auctions are not fancy

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As it may seem like there will be cars looking like models and pretty, but this is not the case. Furthermore, auctions are of different categories, some are big while others are small levels. So which one is good?

Big auctions mean there will be people from everywhere and there might be a lot of dealers too. Therefore, for common people with little knowledge about used cars, these are not good.

Instead, they can choose to go to smaller ones. They have a limited number of sellers and sellers are usually the car owners. Therefore, you will be able to have a nice talk with them. Furthermore, there will be less competition and thus, you can get a good choice.

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