Mercedes Benz Sprinter Vans

The Mercedes Benz Sprinter van is a versatile vehicle that was designed to transport cargo safely and efficiently. While the Mercedes Benz X Class may gain more appeal from the consumer market, the new modifications to this van put it in the conversation. These vans are very roomy and offer many options for upgrades and adding. With seating available for 20 people, this is more than just a family travel vehicle. For anyone driving for Uber on the weekends, this passenger seating arrangement would make you a unique option come the weekend.

The Mercedes Benz Sprinter comes with diesel and petrol options, available with 4 wheel drive, and has seven-speed and nine-speed automatic transmissions. The safety features on the Sprinter are pretty advanced and come standard with stabilization technology, as well as collision prevention features.

America embraced the German import and sales for the Sprinter van have exceeded expectations. The vans are widely in use in both the commercial and consumer sectors, providing transportation for business and families. Any van of this size also comes with a hefty repair tab, so finding a Mercedes Sprinter Van service center to get your van serviced will be important for keeping up with the general maintenance of the vehicle and performing the annual services needed to maintain the manufacturer warranty.

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The new models of the Sprinter Van come with a large 7-inch or 10-inch touchscreen to navigate the infotainment system. This system is only available in the new models and can be controlled from the touchscreen, by voice, and from controls built into the steering wheel. The system navigates like a smartphone with scrolling menu options and app-like icons. The controls give the driver access to all the functionality of the system. This infotainment system is similar to the one found in the Mercedes AMG GLC Coupe.

This is a great passenger van, but the interior wasn’t designed with luxury in mind. The seats sit high, and the entire interior is pretty much made up of plastic components. If you are not a fan of the interior plastics, you can purchase custom leather add-ons for your van. There is not a center console, which is a bit of a disappointment considering how convenient they are. The new sprinter vans do come equipped with cup holders, something older models lacked and without a center console to hold your coffee cup, cup holders are necessary. Mercedes added an option for owners to add an integrated Wi-Fi hotspot so that passengers could stay connected on the road. The van also features plenty of outlets for peripheral devices including USB and power outlets.

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The new Mercedes Sprinter vans are an improved version of the previous models. The updates should help to boost sales across the U.S. and make Mercedes a legitimate contender in the Passenger/Cargo van market. The addition of the infotainment system and technological improvements should attract the consumer market for family use. The van’s interior can be upgraded by 3rd party companies that make custom modifications to the interior a true luxury experience.

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