Factors That Determine Car Shipping Cost

There are variables when it comes to car shipping. That is why the cost of having a car shipped for one person may not be the same for another person. Factors such as the – company choice, type of vehicle being shipped, and service option, all contribute to the exact cost of transporting a vehicle.

Knowledge of these factors will help prospective clients understand what to expect. This will also influence their budgeting for car shipment. A few of these factors will be discussed in this article.

How Much Will You Pay for Shipping Your Car?

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The amount people pay for transporting their cars to other destinations is usually calculated per mile. So, distance is a major factor that determines how much would be paid. For example, people who need to move their cars from Texas to New Mexico would pay a lot less than those who need the same service to move theirs from Texas to Alaska.

This is because while the distance between Texas and New Mexico is in hundred miles, the distance to Alaska is in thousand miles. You can check this out for more information about this.

In the same vein, people who need to ship their cars outside the country will get to pay more. This proves that distance is a major factor that determines how much people pay for car shipments. However, there are a couple of other cost-influencing factors and they include:

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Type of Service Rendered

There are various ways that your vehicle can be shipped to the agreed destination. The most common options are open or enclosed shipment options.

The enclosed option costs more than the open-carrier option. Some of the reasons for its higher cost include the level of care that comes with it, the fewer vehicles transported, and even the sort of insurance coverage that comes with it. If you would like to find out the difference between both care shipping services, you can visit: https://www.retirementliving.com/.

Type of Vehicle Transported


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The size and value of the vehicle transported are cost-determining factors as well. The cost of transporting a Ferrari will be higher than the cost of moving a regular salon car. This is because of the sort of insurance coverage and security that the former commands.

Size is equally important. This is because the space the vehicle takes up will impact the ability to transport other vehicles. This is why shipping an SUV will likely cost more than doing the same for a scooter car.

The Condition of the Vehicle

It is more difficult to move a vehicle that is inoperable. A tow truck might even be required at some point. This is why transporting such cars will cost more than transporting one that can be driven. So, you should take note of this when trying to ship your car.

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Time of the Year

There is an increased demand for car shipping services, particularly during summer. A lot of these companies charge a lot more during this period because of the increased demand for their services. On the other hand, car shipment during fall seems to be a lot cheaper.

Although driving conditions during fall are not as favorable as in summer, there is less traffic. All these, coupled with the demand-to-supply ratio make shipping in fall less expensive.

Gas Price

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The trucks that would be used to transport your vehicle run on gas. It only makes sense that the price of gas determines how much you would be charged for shipping your vehicle per mile. Considering that there has been a spike in the price of gas this year (2024), this explains why many companies have increased the cost of shipping cars.

The Auto Shipping Company & their Service Quality

Some companies are more demanding with their price than others. This is why you are supposed to compare companies before deciding which one should get the job done for you.

However, your decision should not only be based on how much a company charges you. This is because the quality of the service offered equally matters. For example, some companies do not have tracking features. As a result, you cannot find out where your vehicle is at every given time.

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In the same vein, some companies do not have insurance coverage for shipped cars. All of these drops in expected service quality can inform their decision to charge less than their competitors.

Getting a fair price is important. However, this should not be at the expense of getting top-quality shipping service. So, your major priority should be having the best car shipping company and not the cheapest one shipping your car.

Final Note

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Distance is the most important factor that determines how much car shipment will cost you. However, there are other factors as seen in this article. Knowledge of these other factors can help you prepare ahead and even make cost-effective changes.

For example, it is cost-effective to ship an operable vehicle. This is because shipping inoperable vehicles costs more.

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