Top Tips to Ensure your Vacation in the UK is a Success

Planning is often the key to success, and that certainly applies to vacations. So if you are planning to visit the UK, here are some points to consider in advance.

Check your Paperwork

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Is your passport valid? Many countries won’t let you in with just a couple of months left on it, and even if it is technically still current, that can throw a spanner in the works. Inveterate travellers should also check how much room is left for the immigration people to put their stamps.

Do you need a visa?

These things change from time to time according to political situations around the world, and it may be no fault of your own, but rules are rules.

Book your Accommodation Carefully


It’s worth doing a bit of research in addition to the hotel’s website, because some people can be economical with the facts and what they describe as being handy for the airport, for instance, might be miles away. If that’s the only reason you chose it, because you will be arriving late at night, for instance, that will be money down the drain. Check out the comments: often the only people who leave a comment are dissatisfied customers, but sometimes you can read between the lines and see whether you think they are justified or not.

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If it’s your first visit to the UK, make sure you’re going to be in an area you’ll be happy in. Not every part of London is lovely, with fancy hotels and big, green, peaceful parks, so, again, do your research and get the decision right.

Sort out your Car Hire

Many people choose to get off the plane and straight down to the car rental desk, but if you are staying nearby, at least for the night, you can get a cab to the hotel and do the car in the morning, after a  good night’s sleep – because even on vacation, travel can be stressful and sleep hard to come by.

You will need to check if your driver’s license is acceptable in the UK, and a reputable hire car firm will be able to advise you. Booking in advance makes it more likely you will get the kind of car you want, and if you would like a bit of luxury for a change, you may be able to book a prestige model. Not all car rental firms in the UK offer that option, but you can do it on sites like

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Plan Some Trips

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If you’re going to be driving in the UK, a pleasant evening can be spent looking up the attractions in the area you’re going to be in. Be it beaches, cathedrals of culture that floats your boat, it is easy to find out what’s available and how long it will take to drive there.

Relax and Enjoy It

Sometimes it is hard to switch off, and some people get stressed by the very thought of traveling, but if you’ve done the preparation, try to consciously switch to vacation mode before you even head for your own airport. The UK is an amazing place to enjoy a vacation so tick off your list and get excited. You’re about to make some lifelong memories. 

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