5 Tips and Tricks on How to ease your airport transportation process

Are you someone who travels quite often? If so, you probably know a ton of ins and outs and ways how to make traveling fun and easy to navigate. On the other end and if you don’t travel as often you might need a bit of help and your proper right hand to navigate the given situation, along with tons of stressful packing and logistical tips. If you wish to know more about comfy and fast transportation keep on reading and get your answers down below.

Different types of transport from the airport

1. Meet & greet services

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At the airport, either the driver or the airport attendant with a name board will greet the user at the arrival lobby. Oftentimes meet & greet services will help you sort out your luggage, quarantine & hotel process/pick-ups. In fact, you can travel to your destination safely and comfortably worry-free. If you want VIP Meet and Greet service on arrivals, departures, and connecting flights you will enjoy Los Angeles LAX meet and greet services. With their help, everything is done fast and less stressful.

2. You can ask your hotel for this service

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As you book your accommodation you should check out your hotel and their website. Every hotel offers an airport pick-up and airport drop-off, which makes traveling easy. With this, you will be additionally charged, and the fees can vary depending on your chosen hotel and their pricing system, along with the country you’re in and its standards. Simply get in touch with your hotel through their webpage, email, or phone number to sort this out a couple of days ahead.

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3. Try to do it yourself using Google

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If you’re good at navigating it all on your own why not use Google maps? This will show you all the possible routes and options. In fact, Google maps can give you different connecting options, such as the use of taxis & metros, just so that you save money or time when traveling. If you are a light packer and don’t carry a lot on your trips with you just know that you will enjoy DIY’ing your own quick and affordable solution.

4. Use Uber or Lyft

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Open up the Uber or Lyft app on your phone and put your hotel as the destination that you’re trying to get to. Although and in most cases, these will be the priciest drop-off options. In some parts of the world, Uber and Lyft transportation still don’t exist, which is why you can only call or book a taxi. If everything else fails, be prepared to cash out. If nothing at least you will get to your hotel on time.

PS: You can always use public transportation such as city buses if and where available. 

5 Tips and Tricks on How to ease your airport transportation process

1. Give out information

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You should give out all the info & details about your travel arrangements early on. It doesn’t matter what pick-up service you plan on using from the previously mentioned options. Everyone will have to know all about your travel dates, times, and terminal information. Include the number of people that are traveling with you as well.

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2. Check your information early on

It’s normal for a lot of people to make mistakes, especially when under a lot of stress. Not only that, but you might make a ton of mistakes due to the time difference and different time zones. Be smart, and careful & check everything twice before confirming it for your flight.

3. Turn on your phone

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Why not download an app that helps you with traveling, and packing, but also with doing a check-in? Having a mini journal or a planner to sort out your traveling will make it look and feel as convenient as possible. Airports can be extremely busy places, and coming prepared should be your goal.

4. Have help

Carrying your bags, minding your luggage, and moving through a busy airport can be stressful. You should consider booking a bit of help on the side with the right meet and greet service. Not only that they will carry your luggage, but they will also answer all of your questions, such as where you can rest, which restaurant has the best food, bars, etc.

5. Do a bit of research

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Although you will have help on the other end and as you land you should always do your research and navigate your process. For instance, figuring out if it is going to rain shortly, what the weather will be like, and how much cash to bring are just some of the most crucial and important facts to know. Don’t come completely unprepared for your own sake.

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What to do if your flight got canceled or delayed?

A ton of people worry about the effects of canceled flights, especially if they’ve booked any of those previously mentioned means of transport and airport pick-ups. 

The arrival times for flights are not as accurate as for trains, which means that there will always be some variance and professional drivers should be aware of this. You can always use the service, and just know that if your flight got delayed that your driver will be waiting for you. It is advisable to make contact as soon as possible and as you get your hands on your phone to let the other party know and plan out your route differently.

So, are you ready to fly?

So, are you ready for your next big destination? Looking forward to flying in style and knowing that you’ll be picked up the moment you land? You can book a ton of different options, but meet & greets may suit you the best + they are the most professional and fast solution that one can go for. If you want to enjoy your next big trip apply our tips and tricks and you’ll have a good time, guaranteed!

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