2018 Lincoln MKC Release date, Redesign

On sale since 2014, the MKC didn’t change much so far. The car is still the same Escape-based crossover as before and it still offers one of the better values in its class. However, it is quickly starting to get dated and it seems a successor is on its way. So far Ford decided to keep quiet about it but it is safe to assume the upcoming 2018 Lincoln MKC will be the mid-life facelift we have all been waiting for. The car is not going to change as much as some suggested. However, the changes will likely be quite impressive so the end result will be a much better car than before.

2018 Lincoln MKC Changes

The overall shape of the MKC as well as most of the running gear will remain the same as before. In fact in terms of compact crossovers, the MKC has been one of the most comfortable on the market without compromising its driving characteristics. This will definitely stand true for its successor. On top of that the car will remain just as big as before. Even though it is not the largest compact crossover out there, the MKC can easily offer more than enough room for 4 to 5 adults and their luggage.

2018 Lincoln MKC 630x385

This Grille is No More – Source: caranddriver.com

The design of the 2018 Lincoln MKC as well as the overall set of available features are likely going to be improved from its predecessor. On top of that the car is expected to receive new or improved engines which will make it quite a bit faster and more economical than before. Some also suggested the interior of the car will change but more on that a bit later.

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Price & Release date – 2018 Lincoln MKC

The Lincoln Motors is certainly eager to show off its new vehicle boasting their trademark grille. According to various sources, with this changes being only slight refresh, we won’t have to wait for too long. Motor1.com is even going as far as to suggest that we might see new 2018 Lincoln MKC at upcoming Los Angeles Auto Show. If that doesn’t happen, they postpone the reveal for early 2018 and Detroit. The autoblog.com suggests that this vehicle is going to show its production ready skin before this year ends. Consequentially they claim that in the spring of 2018 we are going to have 2018 MKC available in dealerships. Stay tuned for more info regarding the release date of this compact SUV.

The price, on the other hand, is still in the dark. The changes will be few and scattered around the vehicle. Nevertheless, they will merit a small change in price. How Much? We don’t have an idea as of yet, but more will be known as the crossover approaches its release. For comparison, the ongoing version of MKC is starting at $33,600. Depending on engine option under the hood, equipment and features the price goes up to $44,400 for a fully loaded MKC.

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The design – Exterior & Interior

There is no doubt about the fact the current model is based on the Ford Escape. The two cars share roughly the same shape but the Lincoln looks a lot more upmarket than its sibling. This will remain true for its successor as well. From the early reports it looks like the 2018 version of the car will borrow quite a few design cues from the new Navigator. Instead of the usual two-piece grille the new model is expected to receive a single grille with much slimmer headlights neatly integrated into its sides. The rear will likely receive new tail lights and possibly a slightly more aggressive exhaust system. New wheels as well as a few new paint schemes might also be offered on the higher end models.

2018 Lincoln MKC side view 630x355

Source: lincolncanada.com

The current model looks like Lincoln took the dashboard shell of the Escape and stitched a new center stack on it. We hope the upcoming 2018 Lincoln MKC won’t get the same flawed interior as its predecessor. Inside reports suggest the car may actually receive a lot more design cues from the new Navigator and Continental. If this is the case then the MKC Will definitely become one of the more premium cars in its class. The new dashboard would be less cluttered while the features available will be much better than before. The materials might also be improved slightly in order to give the MKC an edge against some of its rivals.

2018 Lincoln MKC interior 630x355

Source: lincolncanada.com

Under the hood of 2018 MKC

There are two different engines available on the outgoing models. Most rumors suggest the upcoming 2018 Lincoln MKC will stick with this recipe. The base model is still expected to boast a 2.0 liter turbocharged inline 4 EcoBoost. However, this time around the engine will likely make 245 horsepower and 275 lb-ft of torque, a slight bump over its predecessor. The more powerful 2.3 liter EcoBoost on the other hand will get a bigger bump. Most suggested over 300 horsepower and 305 lb-ft of torque which is more than what a naturally aspirated V6 offers.

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Both engines are expected to get minimal fuel efficiency improvements thanks to the improvements made to their fuel delivery systems. The old 6 speed automatic gearbox will likely be gone. In its place Lincoln may install Ford’s brand new 9 speed automatic which will drive either the front or all four wheels. This time around Lincoln’s great adaptive suspension system is expected to be offered as standard across the board. This will allow the car to offer a composed ride without ruining its driving characteristics. The only real drawback is that it will weigh slightly more due to its active shocks.

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