7 Signs It’s Time to Buy a New Off-Road Motorcycle

Are you a biker owner, or a motorcycle lover? If you’re interested in making your next purchase and you’re wondering what are some tips & tricks when it comes to your off-road gear and experiences, keep on reading. In this article, we will let you know everything regarding your first purchase or your next future purchase! Here are the basics.

How to choose your motorcycle? Top 5 practical tips

A lot of different factors are important and they can play a huge role when making your next move and purchase. In general, here is what your motorcycle should have, and here are its main features.

1. What are you using it for?

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Is the bike going to be your mean of transport? The level of riding and your lifestyle will play a huge role in the model that you will end up purchasing. Are you a student, a workaholic mom, or do you need a motorcycle just for your weekend getaways and trips? Answer this question and discuss your lifestyle habits with qualified staff and sellers before you make a purchase.

2. Always compare two models

The best way to pick a motorcycle is to compare it with a model that you have owned before, or with a model that you somewhat know & understand when it comes to its built/specifications. If possible, place the two models one next to another and do a visual comparison & examination.

3. New or used kind

Do you want to purchase a new motorcycle, or are you okay with using a used/pre-owned kind? Either way it may be you should never rush the process, and you should wait it out and approach it tactically. New motorcycles are usually the best solution for experienced drivers since they are way safer than someone’s pre-owned kind.

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4. Your budget

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What is your budget like, and where do you stand when it comes to your next big purchase? If you are on a budget you should rather save up some money and get yourself a pre-owned model that has all of your favorite specs. Do not make an impulsive decision and see what works best for you.

5. The looks of it all

Lastly, you should know that there are loads of different models to choose from when it comes to their looks and function. You should go for either sportsbike, standard or naked motorcycles, dual sports, cruisers, touring, adventure, scooters, or retro motorcycles. All of them have different engines, features, specs, and are used for different activities/lifestyles.

7 Signs It’s Time to Buy a New Off-Road Motorcycle

The needs of every rider can vary since this is such an individual-based experience. You should always evaluate your needs and see how financially flexible or stable you are. Here are just some signs that are a good indicator that it might be a good time to buy a new motorcycle.

1. It is becoming too light for you

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You might start to think that your new bike is quite lightweight and that it is way too easy to maneuver. Newbies usually appreciate smaller and lightweight motorcycles since they are beginner-friendly and practical due to their braking, balancing & steering. Once you get fed up with your old lightweight model and everything becomes simple you may want to consider getting a heavy-duty bike.

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2. No anti-lock brakes

Some older bikes and models do not have anti-lock brakes. Nowadays almost all motors have the well-known ABS. Well, your new vehicle should have ABS brakes since they are 40% less likely going to be involved in a fatal crash. If you are an off-roader this feature is quite important in your case.

3. New preferences

Your use and your preference for a bike can change as time goes on. Sometimes we outgrow our scooters or old bikes, which is why we might want to move onto a bigger & larger motor. Do you want more power, a larger fuel tank, or possibly some additional luggage space? Adapt to your needs and move on from there.

4. New budget

Sometimes, it is okay just to feel like it, and go with the flow when it comes to your next or future purchase. A high-profile custom bike is a bit pricey, but who wouldn’t want to stand out with their newly chosen model? If the opportunity presents itself and you’re in a good financial situation you can always opt for a new bike.

5. Old tires

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Maintenance & proper upkeep is crucial when it comes to your personal items. You should always do a background check and see what is it that you’re working with. If your tires are super worn off and they are not easy to replace, or if they cost way too much money, think about investing all of that money in your new bike.

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6. The chain

Chains can be tricky & your overall check-up on them is crucial. However, if you’re struggling with the right level of tension, rather invest your money into a new model. If added and adjusted incorrectly the chain can break at the worst given moment.

7. It has failed you in the past

Have you had any particular issues with your motorcycle when off-road before? If you were in an accident or if is just old, worn-out & falling apart it is time for your new upgrade. Do not go for a faulty model, remember to wear a helmet and always be fully equipped before you hit the road of any sort.

Where to find your new model?

In the end, if you’re looking for a new model and if you’re interested in making a new purchase you should definitely check out bike.net/en/STELS/31843-400_GT_2014. They have different models, bicycles, sport, classic, custom, naked, touring bikes – you name it, they have it all! Learn more about motorcycles in general, and find your next new off-roader with their help. Read about their specs and find the best model for your budget, preference, or activity.

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