2018 McLaren 720S Price, Specs

The Mclaren super series are about to get a completely new model. The mentioned model will be a successor to the 650 S but only because it is next in line of McLaren models. In reality, it will be a new model built from scratch. The prototype of McLaren’s latest supercar has been spied for some time now and it has ben referred to by its code name – P14. The sources from Dutch auto magazine Autogespot are saying that new model will be presented at the 2017 Geneva Auto Show and will be named 2018 McLaren 720S.

Source: autoevolution.com

Source: autoevolution.com

2018 McLaren 720S Exterior

From what can be seen on the spy photos 2018 McLaren 720S will take a rather revolutionary design step-up comparing to the 650S. The size will be similar to the cars that 720S succeeds but it will be lighter thanks to the new platform. The front end will keep some of the 650S design cues but it will feature more angular shape. Headlights will be positioned at the corners of the car and not on the fenders. From the side, the body panels will be simpler. Beltline is positioned lower and this makes the cabin look more narrow. Side skirts and rear fenders have been deprived of vents. Our assumption is that McLaren has some new cooling system in mind.

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The rear end will be flatter compared to 650S and this prompted taillights to be slimmer. Exhaust pipes will be centrally positioned and will feature round shape. The small wing on 650S is non-existing on 2018 720S or it will be replaced by something else. From the prototype photos, not much can be concluded. With all of this stated, it is obvious that 2018 McLaren will have more aerodynamical and aggressive look.


Engine options

720 is a clear indication of just how powerful this car will be. The McLaren’s latest supercar will boast 720 horsepower. This sounds like it’s a lot but it shouldn’t represent any problem for M838T V8 engine that will be under the 2018 McLaren 720S hood. This new powertrain is actually twin-turbocharged 4.0-liter V8. The main purpose of this engine replacing old ones is as following. The new engine is created in such manner that it can easily be integrated into McLarens’ new modular hybrid system. This engine is aimed to replace all British manufacturers 3.8-liter engines that are currently being used.

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Interior of 2018 McLaren 720S

Also, according to Autogespot, the interior will go trough major overhaul. This especially goes for the dashboard. The informations are suggesting that dash will have an option of ‘automatic lowering’ which will be applied every time that driver enters track mode. This will enable him to have the best possible view of the track while racing. Lowering of the dashboard will not influence visibility of the rpm, oil pressure, and current gear. Dutch magazine also claims that dash will be more streamlined than it’s the case with current models. Most, if not all controls, will be handled by the main instrument cluster and controls mounted onto the steering wheel.

Price and Release date of 720S McLaren

2018 McLaren 720S will be, in addition to new engine and improved interior, faster than its internal and outside competition. Sources from McLaren suggest that 720S is going to be faster than 650S and 675LT by an inconsiderable margin. When we heard this, it made us very impatient to wait for its debut.

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The debut will be as we already mentioned at 2017 Geneva Auto Show. The event in previously mentioned Swiss city starts on March 7th. With only three months to go nothing specific about price hasn’t been mentioned but wee suspect that it will go a little above current 650S model. McLaren 650S currently costs around $265,500.

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